About Me

IMG_7643I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Lakehead University. Before joining Lakead University, I was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab (SAIL) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Ahmed E. Hassan (IEEE Fellow).

I completed my Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan in February 2018. I was part of the Software Research Lab and worked under the supervision of Dr. Chanchal Roy and Dr. Kevin A. Schneider.

My research facilitates software development activities by mining source code repositories, community question answering sites, and online tutorials. To this end, I leverage static analysis, data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing to develop solutions. I believe that careful investigation and analysis are the keys to developing state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Thus, my research is a blend of empirical theories and their associated tools to support software development tasks, and to increase the productivity of developers.

I am interested in empirical studies, software maintenance and evolution, mining software repositories, program comprehension, web information retrieval, and recommendation systems in software engineering.


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